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In 1998, SMC Corporation of America brought its technology and expertise to the Heavy Vehicle Industry. Within the realm of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic applications in heavy duty trucks, buses, trailers and a variety of other suppliers to this industry, SMC products are state-of-the-art and always on the cutting edge of technology.

SMC takes pride in our ability to evaluate an industry's needs and develop the systems and products to maximize efficiency of assembly and operation.

  • One-touch connection reduces installation time and cost.
  • Rugged ultraviolet and vibration resistant composite body.
  • Various shapes and configurations to meet vehicle applications and make installation easier.




1. Chuck Stainless steel or brass chuck design permits smooth tube entry and high gripping force.


6. Sealant
Standard, pre-applied thread sealant facilitates installation.

2. Body SMC's composite body offers:
1. Weight savings
2. Compact dimensions
3. High performance
4. Superior chemical resistance


7. Guide
Holds internal components together and also guides release button.
3. Tube Seal
SMC's engineered low temperature seal goes beyond the standard O-ring seal.

8. Stabilization Ring SMC's patented stabilization ring ensures high temperature stability and maximum performance with a smaller overall package.


4. Stud End
O-Ring O-ring seal permits the fitting to be positioned into place after installation. (not shown)

9. Release Button SMC's large release button contacts the gripping ring when pushed in. This design has two benefits:
1. Gripping fingers do not scrape the tube during insertion or removal.
2. Lower insertion and release forces.


5. Stud
Brass (thread portion) stud end, NPT (male); NPT (female.)

10. Tube Support A fixed tube support promotes easier tube insertion, superior side load performance and increased tube retention.