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SMC: A Powerful Partner in Packaging & Processing


Proven Packaging & Processing Industry Application Experience From SMC


In these competitive times, customer satisfaction can only be achieved by having a clear understanding of customer requirements. SMC has built an organization that focuses on customer needs.

SMC offers world-wide support with our industry experts, factories and engineering. We have a carefully selected team of experts that are dedicated to the Food Packaging and Processing Industry. Our technical experts in the industry are fully knowledgeable in the stringent regulations that govern the production and processing of food products. We are able to offer innovative products specifically designed for the Food Packaging and Processing Industry.

SMC provides pneumatic technology needed to maximize equipment performance. From plant dryers to pressure switches and static discharge elimination, you can count on the space saving and energy efficiency provided by SMC's components.

Our combination of industry experts and product innovations will help you to keep a competitive edge over your competition.

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SMC Products are used in a wide range of Food Packaging & Processing applications


Food Sealing Filling Case Packaging
Case Erector Conveyors Palletizing
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