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With SMC, you get the innovation of over 130 engineers driving performance up and cost-of-ownership down.

SMC has a proven design philosophy founded on innovative engineering, quality, manufacturing, and customer support. This philosophy has positioned us as the world leader in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic automation products.

This leadership was not gained by typical inside the box engineering and product development. By stepping utside the box, expanding engineering boundaries and leveraging the latest design technologies we have been able to redefine industry standards.

SMC is rapidly expanding engineering resources and continually challenging our own innovations. Our driving force is to make it easier for customers to do business with us. Our dedication to providing our customers with innovative design solutions and support is the foundation for the development and release of E-TECH.

E-TECH is SMC's online application to select, size and build pneumatic automation products.

E-TECH features several easy-to-use product selection methods, such as parametric selection, solution-based selection and a hierarchical product catalog. Once a product is configured, 2D and 3D CAD models can be downloaded and inserted into final assembly drawings. In addition, online sizing is available to ensure the right product has been selected for your application.
Because E-TECH is internet-based, you can view and download SMC product information at anytime from anywhere.

Learn more about E-TECH and experience a new level of engineering.