SMC's solenoid valves and manifolds offer industry leading valve performance advancements such as remarkably high flow capacities from very compact designs, low power consumption, high speed response, long life, built-in surge suppression and indicator lights. Valve manifold options, including built-in one-touch fittings, prewired electric connections and serial interface simplify installation, maintenance and control. Reliability and long life are proven with life ratings of 50 to 200 million cycles.


Solenoid Valves and Manifolds

SMC has engineered many solenoid valve innovations, and our robust designs combine high flow and low power consumption. SMC valves and valve manifolds offer unsurpassed quality, performance and range. We offer valves and valve manifolds for every application with port sizes ranging from M3 to 2". Valves can be mounted on a manifold, on bar stock or can be stacked, with flexible integrated wiring options. We offer very low power consumption, very high flow rates, quick response times and clean aesthetic designs. SMC valves are used extensively in the semi conductor, automotive, packaging, medical, specialty machine, and machine tool industries. We have a valve series that will accommodate your most demanding application.

Series: VQ, VQC, VQD, VQZ, VQ7, SY, SYJ, SX, SZ, SV, VX, VC, VN, (N)VF, VEX, AV


Serial Interface Valves and Manifolds

System integrators and engineers have the freedom needed to design world-class serial interface valve control systems thanks to the SMC family of Serial Interface valves and manifolds. The true power of a serial interface valve system is the amount of flexibility and control it gives you in addition to the significant cost savings. SMC's latest innovations in serial interface valve technology give you the power of decentralized control and the flexibility needed for your serial interface valve design. SMC supports an extremely wide variety of open and closed network protocols to suit your serial interface valve application including DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and many more

Series: EX250, EX500, EX240, EX230, IN313, EX120/121/122, EX600


Fluid Process Valves for Air, Water, Steam, and Oil

Standard design and dimensions make the media valve series a simple replacement valve. SMC's direct operated 2-port solenoid valves have improved durability and double their service life due to the unique construction. Built-in wave rectifier results in a quiet operating series of valves that is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Fluid Types: Air & Water, Oil, Steam, Chemical & Pure Water, Coolant


Chemical & Liquid Valves

SMC's chemical & liquid valves include several different lines of high purity valves that are ideal for many high purity applications.

Series: LVA, LVC, LVQ, LVR


Mechanical, Manual and Air Pilot

SMC mechanical valves have been designed to meet general industrial standards and are capable of long, trouble-free life under stringent operating conditions. The simple construction, utilizing corrosion resistant aluminum Die Cast bodies with optional heavy duty actuators and Buna N seal design, ensure positive operation and media control. Available in two, three and four way flow configurations, different body sizes, and the capability of mounting a variety of interchangeable actuator assemblies to meet system requirements.

Series: (N)VHS, (N)VM, V*A



SMC's silencers and exhaust cleaners offer compact design and easy mounting. SMC's silencers exhaust in only one direction preventing scattering of mist and noise. In addition, high strength construction prevents damage to threads from a side directional shock. SMC's exhaust cleaners insure clean plant air and reduction of distributing noise contamination.

Series: AN, AMC, 25**