Cement, Concrete & Aggregates

SMC's pneumatic products are specifically designed for harsh environments.  Cement and aggregates can be very harsh on pnuematic components.  Our industry experts know the stringent requirements that need to be met and have extensive knowledge on both production processes and your business needs.

SMC Actuators Built to Withstand Tough Environments

Series CS2

Where light weight is critical in such cases as transport, the new CS2 Series offers all aluminum tube and end covers. The results in weight savings of up to 50% and is available in bore sizes of 125mm, 140mm and 160mm. Oversized piston rod adds to the overall cylinder strength and specially designed rod seal prevents internal contamination. The CS2 also utilizes a unique end of stroke cushion seal to reduce end of stroke shock and start up problems.


Series CS1

The Heavy duty CS1 series offers aluminum or steel tube. The extremely robust pneumatic cylinder is preferred in mining and resource industries. The CS1 includes options such as: mounted solenoid valve, position control and feedback or a large range of end of stroke sensors that are mounted directly to the cylinder. The CS1 is available in bore size up to 300mm.


Series CQ2

The CQ2 series offers an extremely lightweight aluminum construction. The compact size allows the CQ2 to fit in extremely tight spaces. The series is available in 42 different standard options which make the CQ2 on of the most versatile cylinders on the market. The CQ2 series is available with a large range of end of stroke sensors that are mounted directly to the cylinder. The CQ2 is available in bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm.


Series CS1 w/Position Sensor

The Pneumatic Position Sensor can be added to our CS1 series to add accurate, continuous pneumatic position control.


Series NCA1

The NCA1 series is our NFPA Interchangeable Medium Duty pneumatic cylinder. The NCA1 series features a lightweight design and end of stroke air cushion is standard. It is available in bore sizes from 1.5" to 8".


Series XT316 - Air Shocker

The XT316 Air Shocker is a pneumatic piston type shock generator. It removes material plugging due to bridging or adhesion of bulk material inside a hopper or chute.


Other SMC Products Well Suited for the Concrete & Aggregate Industry

Series IP8101

The IP8101 is a rotary type smart positioner that will control the accurate positioning of pneumatic cylinders or process valves. The cylinder or valve can be controlled accurately and maintain any selected position from fully open to fully closed position as determined from your control system.


Series PF2A Flowmeters

Measure process air requirements, benchmark and identify leakage easily with PF2A Flowmeters. These flowmeters are easy to mount and compact. With the PF2A series, you have the ability to switch between instantaneous flow and accumulated flow.


Series AVL Soft Start Valve

Safely isolate and lockout (LOTO) your compressed air services. Use the AVL Soft Start and Isolation Valve. It is available in both manual and electric/manual versions.


Series VXE Valves

The VXE series are process valves with power saving coils. Reduce your valve energy consumption and valve coil temperature significantly. Improve your valve performance with the VXE Series Process Valves


Series VBA Pressure Booster

Need more process air pressure? The VBA pressure booster will amplify you point of use current air pressure by up to 4X


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