Natural Resource

SMC Products for the Natural Resource Industry

NaturalResource SMC has been providing pneumatic solutions to the resources sector since 1968, including development of products to withstand the harshest environments. This results in pneumatic systems that are capable of meeting stringent resource industry requirements like:
  • Operation in wet, dusty, corrosive environments
  • Continuous 24/7 operation
  • Withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures

SMC products address the resource industry's need to provide maximum performance while minimizing energy costs and downtime. The featured products below are categorized for reference under six primary sectors.

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Mining, Quarrying & Mineral Processing

CS1 Heavy Duty Large Bore

CS2 Lightweight Large Bore

IP8000 Positioner

XT316 Air Shocker

VBA Booster Regulator
  • CS1 heavy duty large bore steel cylinder: Double acting single rod - Low friction & air hydro models
  • CS2 lightweight large bore cylinder: Double acting single rod - Up to 50% reduced weight than CS1
  • IP8000 electro-pneumatic positioner: Lever and rotary types - High accuracy - ATEX compliant
  • XT316 air shocker: Prevents bulk material plugging inside a chute or hopper
  • VBA booster regulator: Up to 400% increase of factory supplied air pressure - Efficient air-only operation

Pulp, Paper, Forestry & Sawmill


NCA1 Tie Rod Cylinder

CQ2 Standard Linear Actuator

VEX Power Valve Series

ALD DP Lube Unit
  • NCA1 medium duty tie rod cylinder: NFPA interchangeable mounting - Up to 8 inch bore size
  • CQ2 standard linear actuator: Highly configurable with 42 standard options - Up to 200mm bore size
  • VEX power valve: series includes a regulator valve, precision regulator, 3 position valve, and economy valve
  • ALD DP jet lube unit: Centralized lubrication to end-line components - Low oil consumption

Water & Waste Water


VXD Pilot Operated Valve

MGP Guide Cylinder

IF Flow Switches

KQG2 Stainless Fittings
  • VXD pilot operated 2 port solenoid valve: Available brass or stainless steel body - Flow rate range of 1.9 to 49 Cv
  • MGP guide cylinder for heavy load applications - Available with water resistant option
  • IF flow switches: Wide detection range - Convenient external adjustment - Optional drip proof enclosures
  • KQG2 Stainless steel fitting: SUS316 material - Wide temperature range and sizes

Oil, Gas, Power Plants, Bio-Fuel


CG5-S Stainless Steel Cylinder

VFS Metal/Rubber Seal Large Flow Valve

IR Precision Regulator
  • CG5-S repairable stainless steel cylinder: NFPA interchangeable mounting - Up to 100mm bore size
  • VFS metal/rubber seal large flow 5 port valve: Available base mounted and body ported manifolds
  • IR air operated precision regulator: Sensitivity to within 0.2% F.S. - Maximum set pressure 0.8 MPa

Metal Processing


CA2 Tie Rod Cylinder

VPA Air Operated 3 Port Valve

VHS Pressure Relief Lockout Valve
  • CA2 tie rod cylinder: Ideally suited to rugged applications - Available heat resistant & heavy duty scraper options
  • VPA air Operated 3 Port Valve: Capable of driving large bore cylinders - built in strainer to prevent entry of foreign matter
  • VHS pressure relief lockout valve: Prevents unintended air supply to pneumatic components - Modular FRL mountable

Cement, Concrete & Aggregates


C96 ISO Tie Rod Cylinder

SY 5-Port Solenoid Valve

PF2 Digital Flow Switch
  • C96 ISO (15552) Tie Rod Cylinder: 32 to 125mm bore size - Non-rotating rod and smooth cylinder types added
  • SY 5-Port Solenoid Valve: High flow in a compact footprint - Highly configurable - Up to 200 million cycle life
  • PF2 Digital Flow Switch: Set and monitor using the digital display - Real-time and accumulated flow - IP65 construction