Machine Tool

SMC Products for the Machine Tool Industry


SMC manufactures a wide array of automation technologies for machine builders. Compressed air, coolants, and other fluids must be filtered, monitored, distributed and temperature controlled. We offer a complete range of world-class actuators, valves, sensors, industrial filters, fittings, regulators, temperature control devices, and more.

The sampling of products below demonstrates how SMC continually innovates to meet the evolving needs of the machine tool industry. Featured products are categorized by compressed air line, coolant line, and hydraulic line application.

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Compressed Air Line


RHC High Powered Cylinder

CQ2 Standard Linear Actuator

SY 5-Port Solenoid Valve

IR Precision Regulator
  • RHC high powered cylinder: Long cushion design has high kinetic energy absorption capability plus easy cushion adjustment
  • CQ2 standard linear actuator: Highly configurable with 42 standard options - Up to 200mm bore size
  • SY 5-Port Solenoid Valve: High flow in a compact footprint - Highly configurable - Up to 200 million cycle life
  • IR air operated precision regulator: Sensitivity to within 0.2% F.S. - Maximum set pressure 0.8 MPa (116psi)

ISA3 Digital Gap Checker

VG342 Safety Dump Valve

VHS Pressure Relief Lockout Valve

VMG Blow Gun
  • ISA3 digital gap checker: Non-contact sensor for applications requiring detection of workpeice - 3 color display - IP66 rating
  • VG342 -X87 dual residual pressure release safety dump valve: Conforms to safety standard ISO13849-1 category 3 & 4
  • VHS pressure relief lockout valve: Prevents unintended air supply to pneumatic components - Modular FRL mountable
  • VMG standard type blow gun: Large effective area without nozzle - High efficiency, low noise, and extension nozzle types

Coolant Line


SGC Coolant Valve

FN Industrial Filters

ISE80 Digital Pressure Switch

KN Air Blow Nozzles
  • SGC coolant valve: External pilot solenoid - Port size 3/8 to 1 inch - Operates up to 1.6 MPa and a temperature of 60°C (140°F)
  • FN low maintenance industrial filters: Element does not require replacement - Back-flush function - SUS304
  • ISE80 digital pressure switch: 2 color digital display - Stainless steel wetted parts - 2.0 Mpa (290psi) option - IP65 rating
  • KN air blow nozzles: Reduces air consumption 30 to 90% - high efficency, low noise, swinging, and extension nozzle types

Hydraulic Line


CH Hydraulic Cylinders

ISE75H Digital Pressure Switch

FH Hydraulic Line Filter
Hydraulic Equip DS

FHBA Vertical Return Filter
  • CH hydraulic cylinders: Available in compact, round body, JIS, and tie-rod types - 3.5 to 16 MPa (507 to 2,310psi)
  • ISE75H digital pressure switch: High set pressure up to 15MPa (2,175psi) - Smooth surface controls - IP67 rating
  • FH hydraulic line filter: Easy element replacement - Large M24 drain exhaust port - quickly reverse direction of fluid flow
  • FHBA vertical return filter: Mounts directly on top of oil tank - prevents collected dust from entering tank - dual inlet ports

Temperature Control


HRS Compact Chiller

KKA Quick Connect Couplers

PF3W Digital Flow Switch

HECR Rack Mount Chiller
  • HRS compact chiller: Cooling capacities ranging from 1.3 to 9.5kW - Temperature stability ±0.01°C
  • KKA quick connect couplers: Allows for quick connect/disconnect with minimal aeration and leakage - SUS304
  • PF3W Digital Flow Switch: Precise measurement of supplied water temperature and flow for optimal control
  • HECR Rack Mount Precision Chiller: Rack mountable version of our HEC series Peltier type chillers