Life Science

SMC Products for the Life Science Industry


SMC has made significant efforts to develop innovative products that meet the specific demands of diverse life science sectors. We understand that products for the life science industry must be compact, clean, efficient, precise, and flexible.

We provide high tech solutions from the smallest local organizations to the largest multinational corporations. Whether you're a specialist device manufacturer or an instrument producer looking for innovative product miniaturization, our extensive global manufacturing and distribution network ensures fast service and delivery throughout the world.

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Electric Actuators


LER Rotary Type

LEY Rod Type

LEFS Slider Type

LEH Electric Grippers
  • LER rotary type electric actuator: 4 rotating angle options including continuous rotation - Optional high torque variant
  • LEY rod type electric actuator: High load step or high speed servo motor options - Push, pull, lift & press applications
  • LEFS ball screw drive slider type: Inline motor with high load step or high speed servo options - AC servo also available.
  • LEH Electric Grippers: 2 & 3 finger models - Adjustable gripping force - Drop prevention function - Gauging capable

Pneumatic Actuators


CUJ Mini Free Mount Cylinder‌

CUJ Mini Clean Room Cylinder

CQ2 Standard Linear Actuator

MGJ Mini Guide Rod Cylinder

CRJ Mini Rotary Actuator
  • CUJ miniature free mount cylinder: Standard and clean room types - bore sizes from 4 to 10mm
  • CQ2 standard linear actuator: Highly configurable with 42 standard options - Up to 200mm bore size
  • MGJ miniature guide rod cylinder: Capable of handling high side load - provides non-rotational accuracy of ±0.01°
  • CRJ miniature free mount rotary actuator (rack and pinion): Compact, high rigidity, with improved allowable load

Chemical/Fluid Process Valves


LVM 2/3 Port Chemical Valve

VX2 2 Port Solenoid Valve

VDW 2 Port Solenoid Valve

VNB 2 Port Flow Control Valve
  • LVM compact direct operated 2/3 port solenoid valve for chemicals: Ideal for use in analyzers - 10 million cycle life
  • VX2 direct operated 2 port solenoid valve for air, medium vacuum, water, oil, and steam - Available in manifold type
  • VDW direct operated 2 port solenoid valve for air, medium vacuum, and water - suitable for small footprint applications
  • VNB process valve for flow control: Solenoid or air operated - Wide variety of fluids including water, air, oil, gas, vacuum

Directional Control Valves


S070 3 Port Ultra Compact Valve

VV061 Unit Manifold Valve

V100 3 Port Lightweight Valve

PVQ Compact Proportional Valve
  • S070 ultra compact direct operated 3 port solenoid valve: Ideal for analyzers and medical equipment - Quiet operation
  • VV061 compact direct operated 3 port solenoid valve: Designed for 4 & 8 station compact manifold units
  • V100 compact light weight 3 port solenoid valve: Clean room type available - Only 0.1W consumption with power saving circuit
  • PVQ compact 2 port proportional valve: Direct poppet construction for low leakage while de-energized

High Purity Fluoropolymer


LQ3 Fluoropolymer Fittings

LVQ 2 Port Chemical Valve

LFU Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

PA3300 Process Pump
  • Fluoropolymer tubing: High purity tubing available in inch and metric sizes
  • LQ3 fluoropolymer fittings: High purity fittings with a wide array of connection options
  • LVQ 2 port chemical valve: Non-metallic exterior - Inch and metric port sizes - Guide ring reduces internal leakage
  • LFU ultrasonic flow sensor with flow controller: Highly accurate and efficient contra-propagating cross-corrleation measurement

Temperature Control


HRS Compact Chiller

KKA Quick Connect Couplers

PF3W Digital Flow Switch

HECR Rack Mount Chiller
  • HRS compact chiller: Cooling capacities ranging from 1.3 to 9.5kW - Temperature stability ±0.01°C
  • KKA quick connect couplers: Allows for quick connect/disconnect with minimal aeration and leakage - SUS304
  • PF3W Digital Flow Switch: Precise measurement of supplied water temperature and flow for optimal control
  • HECR Rack Mount Precision Chiller: Rack mountable version of our HEC series Peltier type chillers