Food & Packaging

SMC Products for the Food Processing & Packaging Industry

MainFP SMC provides a broad array of products for complete systems and multiple applications. This results in pneumatic systems that are capable of meeting diverse food processing and packaging requirements like:
  • Continuous 24/7 operation
  • Stringent hygiene regulations
  • Continual wash down
  • Operating in extreme temperatures

SMC products address the industry requirements of providing maximum performance while minimizing energy costs and downtime. The featured products below are categorized for reference under:

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Stainless Steel Cylinders


CG5-S Cylinder

CJ5-S Cylinder

NCM-X6009 Cylinder

MGP Guided Cylinder
  • CG5 repairable cylinder: SUS304 - NBR or FKM seals - Food grade grease - Rod wiper prevents contamination
  • CJ5 repairable cylinder: SUS304 - Designed for washdown environment with a wiper that prevents water entry
  • NCM-X6009 cylinder: SUS304 - Wear ring for enhanced side load capacity - Rod wiper prevents contamination
  • MGP with XC6 option guided cylinder: Steel parts and rods changed to stainless steel - 12 to 100mm bore size

5 Port Solenoid Valves with IP67 Rating




  • SY3000/5000/7000 5 port solenoid valve: Available IP67 in 8 mounting configurations - Up to 200 million cycle life
  • VQC1000/2000/4000 5 port solenoid valve: Up to 200 million cycle life - 6 wiring options - Quick response times
  • SV1000/2000/3000/4000 5 port solenoid valve: Multi-connector wiring for easy changes to manifold stations

Hygienic Design


HYB Linear Cylinder
HYC Linear Cylinder
HYQ Linear Cylinder

HYG Guided Cylinder

IP69K Hygienic Valve Manifold

VFN 5 Port NAMUR Valve
  • HYB/C/Q hygienic linear cylinders: NBR or FKM seals - Water resistant, smooth exterior surface is designed for easy cleaning - Conforms to ISO/VDMA dimensional standards
  • HYG hygienic guided cylinder:  NBR or FKM seals - Water resistant, designed with smooth exterior surfaces for easy cleaning, guided cylinder for heavy loads
  • IP69K Hygienic valve manifold: For SY3000/5000 valves - Corrosion resistant and withstands high pressure & steam
  • VFM 5 port NAMUR mount hygienic solenoid valve: Corrosion resistant and IP67 - Available throttle plate - A/C or D/C voltage

Stainless Steel Fittings


KQG2 One-touch Fittings

KFG2 Insert Fittings

KKA Quick Connect Couplers

MS Miniature Fittings
  • KQG2 one-touch fittings: Metal parts are SUS316 - May be used with steam - Operating fluid temp -5 to 150°C
  • KFG2 insert fittings: Metal parts are SUS316 - May be used with steam - Operating fluid temp -65 to 260°C
  • KKA quick connect couplers: Metal parts are SUS304 - May be used with water - Operating fluid temp -5 to 150°C
  • MS miniature fittings: Metal parts are SUS316 - Designed for use in confined spaces - May be used with water

Electric Actuators


LEF Slider Type

LEY -X5 Rod Type (IP65)

LEJ High Rigidity Slider Type

LER Rotary Type
  • LEF slider type electric actuator: Ball screw and belt driven types - AC servo models available
  • LEY -X5 AC servo rod type electric actuator: IP65 rating - Stroke lengths up to 500mm
  • LEJ high rigidity slider type electric actuator: High precision - Ball screw and belt driven types - AC servo
  • LER rotary type electric actuator: 4 rotating angle options including continuous rotation - optional high torque variant



ZK2 Vacuum Unit

ZP3 Vacuum Pads

ZP2V Vacuum Saving Valve

ZH -X185 Vacuum Flow Unit
  • ZK2 energy saving vacuum unit: 90% reduced air consumption - Lightweight and ideal for EOA applications
  • ZP3 vacuum pads: Wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and mounting styles to suit the appropriate configuration
  • ZP2V vacuum saving valve: Restricts the reduction of vacuum pressure, even when a workpiece is not present
  • ZH - X185 vacuum flow unit: Vacuum away smoke, debris, and fine particles from the work area - Suction and blowing modes

Fieldbus Systems with Available IP65/67


EX600 Modular Platform (IP67)

EX500 Distributed I/O (IP65)

EX260 Compact SI (IP67)

EX250 SI Unit (IP67)
  • EX600 modular platform: Available IP67 - Supports EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, CC-Link, and Profibus DP
  • EX500 distributed I/O: Available IP65 - Supports EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, CC-Link, and Profibus DP
  • EX260 compact output only SI: Available IP67 - Supports EtherNet/IP™, Profinet, EtherCat, PROFIBUS DP, and DeviceNet™
  • EX250 input & output SI: Available IP67 - EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, CC-Link, AS-i, CANopen, and ControlNet

High Purity Fluoropolymer


Fluoropolymer Tubing

LQ3 Fluoropolymer Fittings

LVQ 2 Port Chemical Valve

LFU Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
  • Fluoropolymer tubing: High purity tubing available in inch and metric sizes
  • LQ3 fluoropolymer fittings: High purity fittings with a wide array of connection options
  • LVQ 2 port chemical valve: Non-metallic exterior - Inch and metric port sizes - Guide ring reduces internal leakage
  • LFU ultrasonic flow sensor with flow controller: Highly accurate and efficient contra-propagating cross-corrleation measurement

Static Control


IZS4* Bar Ionizer

IZN10 Nozzle Ionizer

IZF10 Fan Ionizer

IZH10 Handheld Static Meter
  • IZS bar ionizer: 3 models to best fit application and pricepoint - High speed and energy saving cartriges available
  • IZN nozzle ionizer: Ion balance to ±10V - Diffusion, straight & bendable bar nozzle types - 24VDC operation
  • IZF: ion balance to ±13V - Bracket allows pivoting and stable desk placement - 24VDC operation
  • IZH10 handheld static meter: Displays peak and bottom hold values - Replaceable batteries - Auto power-off function