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Single Fan Ionizers: Static Elimination for Benchtops

IZF21,31 - Fan Ionizers
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IZF21 & 31 Series



Static electricity causes problems in test, repair, and production environments.  Excess static charge damages sensitive electronic components.  Plastic wrap and packages, foam packing, and labels cling to themselves and attract dust and dirt, causing misapplication or contamination.  Even comfort and safety of personnel are at risk.  Solve these problems with SMC's latest static eliminating devices, the IZF21 and 31 single fan ionizers.

Unlike bar or nozzle types, fan ionizers do not require a pneumatic air supply.  These fans draw in ambient air, then ionize the air with eight electrodes located around the perimeter of the discharge grill.  The fan can be wired into a 24VDC machine power supply, or use the optional 120V AC adapter.  The compact form factor adapts well to structural attachment in limited spaces, or use the bracket as a stand for free positioning on a benchtop.

The IZF31 can neutralize static rapidly, reducing a charge from 1000V to 100V in 0.5 seconds at 300mm.  Continuous operation achieves a +/-5V ion balance.  Each model has a 10-speed dial to regulate air flow.  Four LED's can alert both normal operation, component failures, and ion emitter maintenance requirement.  At the end of useful life, the emitter cartridge can be replaced, extending the value of the device.

Additional features:

  • Slim 40mm body thickness
  • Emitter life is doubled by changing polarity each time power is supplied
  • Continuous monitoring of emitter contamination
  • Built-in sensor monitors offset voltage
  • Manual balance adjustment trimmer also included
  • 7 alarms can be reported by four 2-color LED's (red, green)
  • LED's visible from two directions -- front and bottom.
  • Can be powered by 24VDC cable or 120V AC adapter.


5-Stage Adjustable Louver

Automatic Cleaning Unit

Filter and Holder

  • Enables a wide or narrow flow path
  • 2 louvers with 5 angles each
  • Mounts at 0° or 90° for horizontal or vertical dispersion
  • Rotating arms with brushes clean the emitters
  • Improves emitter performance
  • Cleaning starts with external input or pressing a button
  • Prevents ingress of foreign matter
  • Maintains free motor movement
  • Diminishes emitter contamination