Modular F.R.L. Accessory

Safely Pressurize Equipment at Start-up

AV Soft Start Valve
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AV Soft Start Valve

A supply valve that gradually increases supply pressure during start up and quickly exhausts system air when the supply air is shut off.

It allows the pneumatic pressure supply to be easily tied into equipment electrical controls.

The valve conveniently mates with SMC's F.R.L. components to create a single point of machine air control and conditioning.

Poduct Features:

  • Adjustable initial pressurization of system
  • Low power consumption
  • Manual override is standard (non-locking and locking variations)
  • Large effective area


Modular F.R.L. Connectivity

AV FRLcombo

AV FRL Table


Controlled System Pressurization And Quick Exhaust

AV Diagram

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