Modular FRL Series

AC - Filter Regulator Lubricator
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Series AC

FRL's have 3 basic functions:  the filter cleans the air, the regulator sets the pressure, and the lubricator adds lubricant to the pneumatic system.  SMC offers a complete FRL combination unit (Series AC) as well as offers each component (filter, regulator, lubricator) in a modular fashion.

SMC'S new AC-B series of modular type F.R.L. unit is available in six basic sizes and is interchangeable with the existing modular AC line. The AC-B series has a maximum set pressure of 125 psi and offers embedded gauge and pressure switch options not found in the AC-A. The element and bowl on the AF series is now one-piece, making element replacement easier. Required maintenance space has been reduced by as much as 46% on the AF series, depending on the body size. Bowls on size 30 and up are now covered with a transparent bowl guard, completely protecting them from the enviromnent, and making the interior contents visible from 360 degrees. The base color of the new AC-B is uban white, maintaining a clean, modern look.

Product Features:

  • Outstanding flow characteristics
  • Built-in gauge option
  • Simple assembly
  • Ozone resistant rubber components
  • Large bowl capacities
  • Easy lubricator adjustment
  • Superior water removal and increased filter life
  • Easy to use auto-drains

Applicable Industries:

  • Automotive/Heavy Vehicle
  • Food/Beverage
  • Forestry/Paper Products
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Petroleum/Chemical
  • Steel
  • Textile
  • Electronic
  • Medical