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Pneumatic Actuator Sensors Developed to Save Costs in 2 Ways

SMC has developed a sensor that decreases end user costs in two ways. The D-M9*W series, a magnetic sensor for pneumatic actuators, is designed with a two-color indicator and is able to be direct mounted to the actuator.

The dual color indication eliminates the guess work out of setting the sensor. The end user can easily see that the optimum sensing position has been reached. During the initial set up, if the sensor is in the optimum operating position zone the indicator light is green. On the edge of the optimum operating position zone, the indicator light is red.

Meanwhile, the direct mounting design offers flexibility and eliminates heavy installation work. To set the sensor, simply position the sensor and tighten the set screw with a screw driver. The sensor includes a built-in set screw.

SMC provides products that decrease end user costs. The D-M9 sensor makes mounting easy and setting fast and precise.

Further Product Details: The D-M9*W series sensor is a solid state sensor available in three styles: 3 wire NPN output, 3 wire PNP output and 2 wire. For mounting flexibility, it is available in in-line and vertical wire entry. The D-M9*W offers three wire lengths of free wire leads. Three different styles of pre-wired connections also save installation time. The available pre-wired connections are M8 3-pin, M8 4-pin and M12 4-pin. The enclosure ratings are watertight with IP67.

Specifications of the D-M9*W series sensors

• Power voltage of 4.5 to 28VDC

• Current consumption of 10mA or less

• Load current of 40mA or less

• Operating time of 1ms or less

• Durable vinyl sheath cable which is oval shape for added flexibility

• Insulation resistance of 100MΩ or more at 500 VDC

• Ambient temperature rating is -10 to 60ºC

• Enclosure is IEC529 criteria IP67, JISC0920 watertight construction

Note: Sensors are stocked in North America, enabling quick delivery. For more information, contact your SMC sales representative or visit the Contact Us page.